Why should I use Marc Cantin Cabinetry?

Marc Cantin Cabinetry has evolved into a company with experience in almost every part of the construction field. This allows me to create a space as not just a cabinet maker, but also as someone who has vast knowledge of construction as a whole.

What do you enjoy most about your profession?

I love working with people! It is an amazing feeling to work with someone and help turn what was once just a dream into a reality. We become a team during the process, which makes it that much more exciting and rewarding.

Why should I invest in new cabinets (or having them refaced)?

Any time you work on your home it is an instant equity boost; however, the kitchen is one of the most scrutinized areas of your home, making it essential to have expertly created and installed cabinets a must. New cabinets are a great way to give any room a face lift and help you fall in love again with your home.

How much will this cost me?

All of our cabinetry prices are based on the project you are investing in. During our initial consultation we can go over all aspects of the project, including pricing.

How do I meet with you?

Contact me via email or telephone at your earliest convenience for a free in home consultation! I love looking at a space from the start of the process, so don’t hesitate to let me know if weeknights, weekends, early mornings, etc. are better for you. We cater to every client, no matter their schedule.

What is Refacing?

Refacing is when we keep your existing cabinetry where it is, including the basic frame of it. We create new doors, hinges, etc. to give it a new lease on life.

Why is your Refacing different?

I started out in the cabinetry industry, creating custom cabinetry. I’ve taken this knowledge with me when refacing cabinets to create a seamless and beautiful finish. I also use only solid woods during this process which ensures the cabinets will be around for years and years to come.

How do I know if Refacing is right for me?

When we meet and discuss your needs, I’ll help you go over your options, and in some cases refacing is the right way to go. For instance, if you want to keep the integrity of the space, or if you are working in an older home, refacing could be the best way to accomplish everything on your wish list!

Is Refacing more cost effective?

The pricing when it comes to refacing is based once again on each client and their needs. A good amount of the time, refacing is the more cost effective route to go depending on your space and the condition of your current cabinets.

Can I just replace my countertops?

Yes absolutely, I’m available to just take out your existing countertop and replace it with a new one that fits with your home or office.

Will you help me pick out the best countertop for me?

Yes I will. We’ll go over each material and pick the one that fits your life style the best.

Can you give me an estimated cost on the countertop if I send you the dimensions?

I can’t give you an estimated cost until I see a sample sketch of the countertop area, know what type of material you are looking for, dimensions, and if you’d like an special designs or treatments to the countertops.

Should I replace my kitchen and bathroom countertop at the same time?

If you’re going to be using granite, I suggest replacing both at the same time to help ensure you work off of the same slab for everything {Granite can very in color and texture depending on the slab}. If you’re using a man made material such as quartz you could replace them both at the same time or at different times, which ever would work best for you!

What Materials do you work with?

We work with a wide array of materials for countertops. My personal favorites are: Granite, Quartz, Laminate, Acrylic, Soapstone, and Wood Butcher Block. See our Materials Page for more information.